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Shifting From 3D to 5D Consciousness

The world is going through a huge transition as this time. We are passing through interesting times right now, where personal and spiritual growth is happening quickly for most of us.

We are experiencing an accelerated period of ascension at this time. What is ascension? Well many of us on the planet are moving from 3D consciousness to 5D consciousness.

Let me explain the difference between 3D and 5D Consciousness.

The ‘D’ refers to Spiritual Dimensions which mirror our spiritual growth as we experience it in our human being. The number before the ‘D’ refers to the level of consciousness in that dimension.

Globally, humans have been in a 3D level of consciousness. This is represented by feelings of fear, limitations, lack of inter-connectedness, suffering, working hard to succeed and being locked in time and space.

If you feel yourself being drawn into fear due to feelings of being out of control during the pandemic and what is going to happen, then you will more than likely still be experiencing and living in 3D consciousness.

People shifting into the 5D consciousness, will experience oneness, unconditional love, radical forgiveness, unity and manifestation at a faster rate. It is a vibrational frequency where compassion rules your emotions.

The 5D consciousness feels effortless and everything is aligned for your highest good.

Difference between 3D and 5D consciousness:

In order for us to ascend to the 5D, we must surrender the old story we have been told and at the very least be open to there being another way.

Have you started the ascension process? Don’t know? Listed below are symptoms you will experience during the ascension process:

  • Ringing in the ears as we learn to attune to the new frequencies

  • Waking up at 2–4am when the veil between physical and spiritual world becomes thinner

  • Shifting friendships and conflict within families

  • You have a strong yearning to ‘Go home’ Feeling homesick for a place you do not know and even a lack of belonging in your current family and social dynamic

  • Change of diet - shifting to a more "Clean Diet", we may find ourselves craving more vegetables and fruits in our diet.

  • Intense Dreams/ Unusual Sleep Patterns – waking up between 2am -4 am. A great deal of spiritual and healing work happens while you are sleeping… Sometimes waking up is just the ‘breather’ you need to integrate whatever work was happening during your sleep.

  • Feeling drained of energy - energy is moving into the physical body for clearing.

  • Frequent headaches, migraines, and fuzzy head

  • Heart palpitations or fluttering sensations - your heart chakra is clearing out old wounds to allow more unconditional love to enter

  • Sudden or extreme changes in body temperature - energy is running through you clearing out old energetic patterns

  • Becoming more introverted - you may be feeling the need go inward for answers

  • Women’s monthly cycles becoming more irregular than normal as our bodies fall into a new rhythm

  • Dehydration due to the energy and physical body working harder than normal

  • Tingling in the body similar to electrical charges where your cells are upgrading

There are several ways to help manage or alleviate the extent to which you may feel ascension symptoms and here are just a few:

  • Meditate, slow down the mind, breath and in turn the body to allow space to absorb the new calibrations

  • Allow calibration, don’t fight the symptoms beginning with slowing down the pace at which you consume information, how much you physically and mentally do

  • Spend time in nature as the electromagnetic charges of the earth help balance those charges within us

  • Exercise, walk, practice yoga help flush out any emotional imbalances which you may struggle to process

  • Listen to your body, slow down when you feel overwhelmed

  • Align with what feels true and stay away from media or news that creates a feeling of fear in you

  • Eat what your body is intuitively telling you as your body always knows what is required, we just forget to listen.

Once you reach a 5D state of consciousness, it is very difficult to go back to a 3D state.

Welcome to 5D, the dimension of oneness, compassion, joy and ease.

Love and Light,



My name is Mary and I am the Founder of White Light Wellness and Lotus Yoga Academy. I am a Spiritual Entrepreneur, a certified Usui Reiki Master, Crystalline Healer, Chakra Specialist, Angelic Reiki Practitioner, Lightworker, Yoga Instructor, Facilitator, and Feng Shui Consultant.

I am a conduit of light for the service of Spirit and all beings. My Soul is my eternal guide, mentor, guru, beloved and friend. My intention is to provide a sacred space for healing so that you may discover your true calling and share your light with the world. Goddess Bless!

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