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Crystal Healer Guide Certification
(Level 1)

In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principal, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.  – Nikola Telsa

Crystals are powerful guides, teachers, and healers ready to help.  Imagine having your own personal team of mentors and helpers as you navigate the world of energy healing.  In our Crystal Healer course, you will learn the language of healing crystals and how to tap into unlimited potential.

This comprehensive and exciting course will teach you everything that you need to know about the power of crystals and how to use them.

Students will learn how to begin using crystals, what to look for in a crystal, the meaning of each, the various ways of healing with crystals, and how to incorporate this healing into daily life. Students are shown techniques for clearing and cleansing stones, how to activate and dedicate them, and methods for attunement, programming them and giving them intent.

Although crystal healing can be used exclusively, it is often paired with other practices. We guide the student on how to combine crystals healing techniques with massage, Reiki, palm reading, teacup reading, astrology, and numerology.

Through this course, you will become a Certified Crystal Healer Guide able to confidently explain the science behind crystal healing and ready to heal yourself & others.


Investment: $555 plus HST

2023 Dates:  

THURS./FRI. March 30 & 31 from 6:30 to 10:00pm

SATURDAY April 1 from 11:00 to 4:00pm

Location: White Light Wellness Academy (Guelph) 


Course materials included: Manual, Crystal tool kit, candle ritual kit, Sacred cleansing kit, Sacred spray and pendulum.

Private one-on-one sessions are also offered throughout the year.  

Please email to book a time that works for both of us!

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What is Crystal Healing
History of Crystal Healing
Crystal systems and structures
Choosing, cleansing, programming and attuning crystals
Storing your crystals and honoring crystal beings
Common crystals and stones
Crystal tool kit
The Crystals used in Healing
Energy Management
The Chakra System
Balancing the Chakras
Chakra and Aura scanning and healing techniques
Color energy
Crystal Treatments
Various Crystal Healing Layouts
Using Crystal Healing with other Healing Methods
Learning to use the Pendulum
How to us wands, spheres, and other shaped crystals
Meditations with crystals
Crystal and Gem Elixirs
Crystal grids

Holistic Healing
Conducting a healing session
Protecting yourself, the client and your space
Ethics and marketing

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