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Crystal Healer Guide Certification
(Level 2)

Become a Crystal Bodyworker!  Level 2 of our Crystal Healer Guide Certification is an in-depth and practical hands on in-person crystal therapy class, you will learn how to use crystals for healing as a self- healing tool, healing for family and friends and your clients.

This course is designed for beginners as well as experienced practitioners to hone their skills and learn to use crystal body layouts for clearing and healing

You will learn:

  • How to choose, cleanse, consecrate, charge and activate your crystals for healing.

  • How to become attuned to crystals and receive a Crystal Healing Activation to work more proficiently with the stones.

  • About the body’s energy systems and how to balance the chakras with crystals

  • Learn about crystal healing body layouts ‘nets”.

  • How to use crystals for 40 different body layouts for healing specific physical and emotional illnesses.  Such as: Depression, migraines, ADHD, spine health, PMS, period pain, menopause, sleep and much more.

  • Learn about stones for protection, clearing and grounding both for yourself and your clients.

  • Give and receive a crystal healing body layout treatment.

  • Crystal wands – how to use them to clear the energy field of yourself or your clients.

  • Make and take home a gem elixir and spray for grounding, protection and clearing.

  • Preparing your space for a healing session.

  • Insurance policy.

This course includes a crystal practitioner kit; everything you need to get you started with crystal healing as well as a detailed course manual. Your practitioner kit includes: a 7 stone crystal chakra set, 5 crystal body layouts (all crystals included), crystal activation wand, and a pendulum for dowsing.

Date: Friday February 3, 2023 (11-6pm)

Location: White Light Wellness Centre (Guelph)

Investment:  $595 plus HST

(Manual and $150 divination tools included in cost of program)

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