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How To Develop Your Intuition And Psychic Gifts

I often get asked the question "how do I channel" or "how do I develop my psychic/intuitive/mediumship abilities". We are all born intuitive. The more that you begin to trust and develop this, it will assist you in developing your psychic gifts and abilities.

The best way to start developing your intuition is to start trusting it. The more you trust it, the more it will begin to come through. It is a muscle of its own. I always teach that the first thought you have is your intuition, anything to follow is your ego trying to convince you otherwise. Intuition is feeling-based - a lot of the time it might not make sense to the logical mind. This is why the logical mind will try to dismiss it.

We live in a time where the logical mind is celebrated and the intuitive mind is gaslighted. And through this, we begin to gaslight our own intuitive minds. Yet, intuition is a survival mechanism. Sometimes it's that "gut" feeling you get in a situation, good or bad. It's when we get a good or bad vibe about a person, place or thing despite what others may be saying. It's here to help us function on the earthly plane and it's about learning to amplify this and quietening the egoic mind.

Now, don't get me wrong - the ego is not "bad". The ego gets a bad rap. The ego is here to help us feel safe and protected. But once we start to get too comfortable in a situation, that is where the inner split or conflict starts to arise. Your intuition, or "higher Self" starts calling you in one direction and your ego or "lower self" wants you to stay where it thinks you are safe. Unfortunately, there is no growth here.

So, how do we develop our intuition?

The stronger your intuition becomes; you may begin to unravel certain psychic gifts or abilities that you may have. There are several, and it depends on how you personally receive psychic information. The gifts are connected with the 5 senses, and more. They are called the Clairs. Here are a few:

Clairvoyance - clear seeing

Clairsentience - clear feeling

Clairalience - clear smelling

Clairaudience - clear hearing

Clairgustance - clear tasting

Claircognizance - clear knowing

If you have a heightened sense of clairsentience - this could be developed into mediumship where you are able to connect with crossed-over loved ones.

Here are some tools and techniques that may help you develop your gifts. None of these are set in stone but rather suggestions. Different things work for different people (and at different points in your life, too) so you may have to tune in and see what will best serve you.


What you ingest is highly important, especially when it comes to channelling. Your body is your vessel and if you treat it poorly, a higher connection will unlikely come through. The cleaner you eat, the "clearer" you will become. Now, this is not to say that you have to be strict with everything - everything in moderation. It's up to you what feels best at what given time. The “clearer” we become internally, the clearer we will be able to receive information.


Exercise is highly important for the mind-body-spirit in general. It has all of the wonderful scientifically proven facts that I can't quote on here but you can definitely Google if you are interested that will help you balance on all levels. One of the best things about exercise from an energetic perspective is that it helps you release any excess energy that may be "congesting" you and your energetic field.


This is a fun one as many perceive meditation to be laying down and listening to a guided meditation. While this may be true, meditation comes in many different forms. You can have a "moving" meditation by doing a repetitive action such as cooking, running, walking, yoga, dance the list goes on. Prayer is another form of meditation as well. Once again, it depends on where you stand energetically. If you are someone who is highly energized, trying to lay still for 10-20 minutes may not work out for you - and you may get discouraged. A movement meditation may be a better fit for you.


This is an interesting category. What you consume, consumes you. This isn't just with diet. This is with television, media, social media, people you interact with, etc. This is really important in becoming a clear vessel because if your mind is overstimulated from too much information, it may be difficult to separate your thoughts from another individuals. This is why silence is golden. Only good things come out of silencing all internal and external factors


Even though I could probably go on and on and on (congratulations if you made it this far!) trust is one of the most important things when it comes to intuition. This will also help you build your confidence in your intuition and in turn, yourself. Intuition will never lie to you, but it's a matter of learning to trust it and shedding any other beliefs around it.

I hope this has helped you understand intuition a little bit more and sparked some internal thought. For any additional resources you can check out my YouTube channel.


Barbara is an Energy Worker, Intuitive Guide and a Creative Artist. She is passionate about using energy and intuition for personal development and healing. She was very intuitive from a young age and connected to the world around her. As time went on, she learned that she had a hyperawareness to external energies in people, places or the things around her. She has come to understand that in order to create a life of full self expression and emotional fulfillment it is essential to merge the two worlds together.

For more information or to connect with Barbara please visit her website:

Follow her on Instagram @boheminbj and YouTube Channel: Barbara Talks

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