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What Is A Witch To You?

In other words, what do you identify as a Witch? Is it some mythical creature from fairy tales or a living breathing person?

The reality is, it’s as unique as you are and as involved as you make it. This introduction is just that … an introduction to witchcraft and a place to begin your journey.

The key is, be authentic to yourself, feel out your own emotions, find your ‘happy place’, go with what intuitively speaks to you and research sources & people that will empower you and help you along the way.

I will list some easy read references at the end to get you started on your path.

So Let’s Begin!

You may have found you have always been different, able to sense things around when others do not, hear things others don’t and know when things will happen before they do.

You may be drawn to nature, sources of power, crystals and all things magical, or maybe even had just plain curiosity about spirituality in general.

Witchcraft is non gender specific or discriminatory in any way and if someone tells you different then run! This is your connection to the Universe, whether you have it as a religion or if it is completely separate from your religious beliefs and just another facet of you.

It is how you identify with nature, spiritually knowing that by being here, you make the Universe better and bless others by just existing… our connection to each other and everything.

How You Practice Is Totally Up To You!

You may choose to use oracle cards or tarot, crystals, or other divination tools such as pendulums or crystal balls, or none of the above.

You may be a solitary witch or one who joins a coven.

You might be a white, green, grey witch.... An earth witch, a sea witch, a tech witch , glam witch ,herb witch, essentially, it’s totally up to you.

Do you want to palm read or read tea leaves, have an altar, a wand, deities? Are you more empathic, psychic, clairvoyant?

You may be drawn to animals or find them drawn to you as a ‘familiar’... more of a companion not a pet.

You may find & see signs around you like repetitive numbered patterns, a feather just showing up with no bird in sight and they may be signs from your ancestors or spirit guides or your angels lending a helping hand, you just haven’t been aware of them until now.

Likely you are opening yourself to your spiritual & higher self… the part of you who knows there's more and seeks to constantly better yourself for you… and others and to do harm to none.

Whatever it is to you, seek it out! Challenge it and have fun with it! Find the child inside you and nurture it. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Just go to a physical place where you feel safe and can be free. There is no judgement here! If you need to just sit with music on and meditate, or run around and dance and sing to connect, then do it!

Remember, your true magick is something you have to discover for yourself. It’s inside of all of us. You just have to try things out until you see what makes you the best Witch you can be. The exciting part is that it will continue to evolve with you as you walk Life’s path in your own unique way.

There are many things to learn & this is just the beginning but don’t stress! This is something that will happen in "Divine Timing" - the right time for you. The difference is, it’s been there the whole time… you’re only realizing this now and you haven’t missed anything! Magick is there to explore in your own way-- enjoy it!

Remember, enjoy the moments as they come, be mindful of the company you keep, find people who will help you & encourage you ( they will become your ‘tribe’), learn how to protect yourself and remember:

This is your journey… find your Magick!

Blessed be )O( Witches!


Michelle is an Energy Worker who loves to inspire souls to be their best selves wherever they are in their journey. She does this with readings (Oracle & Tarot) and divination tools. She is a spiritual artist and a creatrix of ritual kits.

To learn more about Michelle or to connect with her:

please follow her Instagram page @BOHO.X.SOUL

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