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Goddess Isis is known as the goddess of magic, love, motherhood, mystery, ritual, healing, fertility, death and rebirth.

In the shadow of Isis, the High Priestess clarity and intuitive knowing has been shut away from one's conscious mind. You may well be in a dark night of the soul  if you are unable to connect to your gift of intuition, that is always innately yours to have and to know. There is a lack of self trust and a disconnect from your inner self due to some fear of truly accepting all of who you are, both shadow and light.

Together with the guidance of Lady Isis we  will transcend the struggle, subconscious  victim-mentality and old limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviors that have kept you stuck.  We will let go of toxic blocks and emotions. Gently open and release even the most deep-seated energy blocks in the heart to free up your energy to experience LOVE at the highest level.  Clear through issues at all levels of the physical body, aura and beyond​. Experience more enduring inner peace, harmony and synchronistic flow in your life


The Divine Mother healing activation calls upon the healing traditions of the divine feminine from the East and the West, the energies of Kuan Yin and Mother Mary combine beautifully for deep emotional healing and heart opening to grace.

The energy of the Divine Mother Healing is lent to us from Mother Mary and Kuan Yin, in their highest compassion and love for humanity. Receiving this energy healing is a most blessed sacred, peaceful, loving and powerful experience.

It offers the most profound healing to all who receive it as the Divine Mothers collectively minister to you in the areas where you most need healing, wherever it is needed in mind, body, soul or spirit.

During the activation, the Divine Mothers will unfold their Mother light in the pink petals of the rose of each of their hearts comforting you and showering you with Motherly love and nurturance of mind, body and spirit. For those who wish to experience deep, profound, healing love from the Divine Mother’s collective energy these Empowerments are perfect for you. The Divine Mothers will sooth any source of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental pain or problems.

Mary Magdalene altar card.jpg

Mary Magdalene is the Archetypal Bride of the Eternal Bridegroom, the bride of Christ, the incarnation of love, fertility and wisdom. She is the High Priestess of Isis who is the Divine Feminine Christ light incarnate. She was healer, teacher, sacred priestess, and the Bride of Jesus.

If you find yourself misunderstood, different, an outcast, lonely and separate. You need to restore your relationship with your own sacredness and the sacredness of the life you live. You may feel lost, needing direction in your life. Depression may have ensued. There is difficulty loving yourself unconditionally.

When we connect with Mary Magdalene, she brings with her the power of the golden wisdom Christ Light and purity of Unconditional love through her medicines. You will restored and supported to be fully free to be you, united with your Inner Beloved, initiated into your own Christ Light, and honored as Sacred, restored in the Divine Feminine, and the Sacred Mysteries.


Athena is the fierce and wise Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom.   She was a fierce and ruthless warrior, who also ultimately came to be known as compassionate and generous.  Athena, as the Goddess of War AND Wisdom, knows how and when to choose her battles and when NOT to go to war. She understands how to carefully navigate forward progress.

If you are in the shadow of the powerful Goddess Athena, and her Chariot forces, you may find yourself exhausted, stuck, confused, angry, in conflict, stagnant, lacking vision, lacking determination, and certainly unable to take action. You may find yourself depressed and anxious as well as may be stuck in addiction.

When Athena comes into your world, she is there to assist you in having the energy, focus and determination to move forward, while clearing the way of distractions and obstacles,  so your true desires to come to life. She offers you great focus, will and determination to assist you in clearing the battlefield of your life so you may come to a time of inner and outer peace, as well as achievement. She offers you protection to move forward and to shift into the support you need to clear the fear and to manifest your heart's desires. 

morrigan le fay.jpg

Morgan le Fay is the powerful Celtic Goddess of Avalon, also known as the Queen of the Fairies. As Goddess Queen of Avalon she rules with loving wisdom and healing, transformative skills. She has deep understanding of occult wisdom, able to harness the power of the elementals, shape shifting her world as she desires.

If you are feeling disempowered and disconnected from Source. You may feel hopelessness, lost and unsupported. You look outside of yourself for answers  You may well be overwhelmed by the idea of change, as you have no idea or inspiration to create change or even know your heart's desires.

Working with Morgan le Fay she encourages you to connect back to the magic all around you and within you. You are the child of the Creator, born with the gifts of magic and transformation. Morgan le Fay teaches you through her example that you have the ability to shape shift your circumstances into whatever you choose. You are a creator who has the power to bend the seeming laws of time and space. Through transformation comes rebirth.  Be like Morgan le Fay and heal and transmute your life by the power of change!


Kali, the fierce ancient Hindu Goddess, is the very power of death and resurrection. She devours time and transcends all form. She brings massive and total transition. Kali is the Dancing Goddess, who has the power to destroy all life and yet is the liberated deity who is free from all attachment to form.

If you are in need to change, leaving a relationship, a job or an addiction. Your ego holds you captive, believing that your outer world is where the power lives. You struggle with a relationship, job, or situation in your life where you cannot move on. You may well feel confused, disappointed, sad, angry and unable to know what to do next. Your may move from self importance to self deprecation.

Kali is your sacred Goddess to assist you in letting go and facing the fears that have you held so tightly.  Kali assists you in facing your fear of pain and loss that you may be free to receive her protection and move forward. Kali asks you to become objective and detach from your ego, fear, illusions, suffering and trauma that hold you captive. She calls you to a time of ending and rest, so you may dream anew more powerfully through love. Kali promises healing and renewal. It is time to restore yourself and to find freedom from the past.

“The Rise of the Feminine within us all will heal our world.”

Ignite the Goddess within, in this empowering healing and activation. Join and experience the beautiful deep connection with the Goddess.

Each Goddess Light Body Activation is a sacred ceremony that will awaken you to the love and light that has always and will always shine within you. You will be reminded of your divine feminine essence and your capacity to live a wide-open and inspired life.  You will see how to embrace the divine feminine and release, allowing your inner Goddess to soar leading to ease, grace and deep peace within your soul.

If you have felt blocked, limited, hurt or harmed in some way then this may assist your awakening into a bright lifestyle of love and acceptance.  This transmission is an affirmation of the returning light and power of the Goddess within you!

Divine feminine energy is the goddess energy within. It’s the energy of flow, of being, of intuition, of the moon.

We have a safe place here together - a kula - a place of honor where we may express our fears, our wounds, our deep desires with respect and love for each other. 

I stand here with you all as a woman who embodies the elemental innocence of my youth, the transformational growth of middle age, the welcoming dignity, compassion, and acceptance of my crone years, I embrace the growth and wisdom of my future years as they unfold. As your guide, I am here with you daily to assist in answering your questions.


Imagine Stepping Into the Divine Realm of the Goddess…


Your Goddess Healing Activation Session:


Upon your arrival the room will be set up with the Goddess of your Choosing, an altar will be created in her honor.

  • A 15 minute consultation to go over what to except for the next 75 min

  • Opening sacred ceremony.

  • Smoke bath to release all unwanted energies

  • Selenite Aura Cleansing

  • Goddess Invocation to invite the Goddess to assist in your healing session

  • Anointing Oils

  • Reiki and Crystals will be used during the session

  • Goddess Light Body Activation (meditation) to activate the healing energies of the Goddess

  • Closing sacred ceremony

  • Discussion on what came through for both myself and yourself during the healing session and Activation

  • One Card Goddess Reading

Please be prepared to continue the healing even after our session. A “Goddess Ritual Script” will also be given with details on how to continue the healing.

Goddess Light Body Activation Offerings

Blue Lotus Isis Healing 

Divine Mother Healing 

Mary Magdalene Rose Journey  Healing













Athena Wisdom Healing














Morgan Le Fay Transformational Healing










Mystical Healing with Goddess Kali


Energy Exchange $ 135.00 plus HST

Goddess Light Body Activations offered in-person and distance.

75 min session with 15 min follow session (9 days later) via zoom.

Goddess Altar Kits are available to purchase, and starting at $100 and up (receive $20 off if you have received a Goddess Light Body Activation at time of session).

To purchase or to learn more about our Goddess Altar Kits- please check out our store here: (COMING SOON...)

Goddess Light Body Activation

Disclaimer: Energy Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it.  Information within this site is metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical.  Energy Healing should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.

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